Why I’ve Not Been Wearing Panties For The Past 7 Years -Star Actress

Haven launched a campaign to stop ladies from wearing panties, Ghanaian star actress, Baby Blanche has revealed why she’s not been wearing panties for the past seven years.

According to the actress, her decision to stop wearing panties has saved her from contaminating diseases.

With her ‘Operation Remove Your Panties’, Blanche remains committed to saving women’s lives and educate them on healthy living.

She maintains that the campaign is encouraging young women to abstain from wearing underwears since they a major role in the cause of infections – like Candida – in the female genital organ.

Speaking at the short ceremony to outdoor her campaign, she said the vagina is a sensitive part of the body, which needs a breathing space, but ladies deprive it of this chance.

Her words; “I have not experienced body odour especially vagina odour because I believe I have abstained from wearing panties.

“The whole initiative is to help ladies free themselves from infections which most ladies suffer as a result of wearing panties. As a lady during your menstruation you can be excused because menstruation is blood filled.

“I am saying this because we ladies are normally engaged in daily activities, stress, and all…Even at this, you don’t need to give pressure to your vagina, you need to free it, it has to breath. Being a woman you can be beautiful on the outside, but when you are not down there you are zero.

“So I am saying free yourself from panties, our weather condition is too hot for panties.”

“As an advocate of going panty-less, have lived in the last seven years without panties and have never incurred the wrath of the bacterium at my vital area in relation to any infection.

“I have practiced it and it has helped me. I also want to impact this same practice onto others.” Blanche added.




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