Why I Don’t Celebrate Other People’s Children -Actor, Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has revealed why he hasn’t been celebrating colleagues’ children on his social media page.

Fabiyi, has over time been in the news over lack of access to his child, whom he alleged was whisked away by his first ex-wife.

Apparently, he has not set his eyes on his child for 8 years. And according to him, it’s a pain he’s finding difficult to live with.

In a new post on his Instagram, the actor who has won the admiration of movie buffs in the country, said whenever he chooses to celebrate his child on his birthday, nobody joins him.

He, however maintains that he avoids buying happiness through other people’s children happy moments.

He posted; “I dnt normally celebrate other people’s children birthday on my page if you notice because I still can’t access mine for up to 8years now and whenever I choose to celebrate mine on his day, I realised nobody ever does, perhaps out of carefulness or malice(some people and friends keeps secret conversation with the mother and indirectly fooled her to continue blocking me off for no offence).

“The only person that has ever celebrated him with me was Muyiwa Ademola, hence he is the only one I have celebrated his son’s birthday on my page and I felt good doing that.
I am not faulting anyone as I have to understand why so many do not pay attention to such. I avoid buying happiness through other people’s children happy moments, it doesnt add up. God willing when it is time, I may and may not have him to myself(death can happen anytime, that is the least thing I fear for anyway) but in an event I have him, sure I’d love to cover for lost grounds. Hitherto, have new children with the woman I will love and want to have children with. A woman I can confidently call my own and children I can raise under my roof and in my own way.

“They must grow through their formative years seeing me as their default mentor. My children will not have egba blood and be raised with the personality of an Iseyin(omo ale loun je be). However, I do leave comments under friends posts on thier respective pages or express private wishes but PUBLIC DISPLAY of AFFECTION towards other people’s children on ny page when they avoid mine is what I love to avoid at the moment. Whatever I write on my page comes with so much truth, emotions and details. And I wont like to fake messages, I don’t go that route for any reason on social media. I Just feel I should clear the air on this once and for all. Thanks guys and love for all children, they are always innocent.”




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