What You Didn’t Know About Kenyan ‘Kim K’ Who Can’t Have Enough of Wizkid

Trending right now is the buzz around what Huddah Monroe, Kenya’s version of Kim kardashian, said about Nigerian superstar, Wizkid. In a glowing appraisal on her Instagram, Huddah said Wizkid is the best in Africa and all that. While many agreed, a troller dissed her, believing she was just trying to get in bed with the rave of the moment Starboy boss. Huddah characteristically clapped back, saying it was an honest rating, that she had already laid Wizkid. Wow! And she says she can’t have enough of Wizkid’s music because it just puts her in moods words cannot express. Hmmm.

Full scoop on Huddah Munroe

Celeb Police investigations reveal some very interesting details about this Kenyan bomb. Enjoy!

Aged 25, Huddah Munroe, is a Kenyan socialite who ekes her living in modelling, curtain raising events, products promotions and personal business as well as laying superstars like Wizkid. Her real name is Alhuda Njoroge. She shares Kenyan and Somalian nationalities.

Her growing was obviously shaky as she attended sveral schools within a short period of time, getting expelled at some point due to truancy and delinquency. After high school, she ventured out into freelance modelling, computer studies and did a diploma in programming. She started her first job at the age 16, as a secretary for an architecture company immediately after high school at age 16, but due to lack of professional qualifications she was fired by her boss.

Being a beautiful lady, she later got connected to Kenyan music label, Calif Records and she became where she became a video vixen, featuring in several music videos. From there she also modeled for several commercials and earned handsome amounts of money which she invested in debentures for an oil venture and earned some extra income.

Limelight and social media presence led her to Big Brother Africa where she rose to fame in 2014 after she clinched the coveted slot of representing Kenya. She has not looked back since then, taking full advantage of the resultant fame to launch a flourishing career in fashion, modeling, and high class celebrity hook ups.

Although the vixen who calls herself “Boss Lady” doesn’t have a sextape to her name yet, her lifestyle and utterances easily make her a Kim Karshadian wannabe. She is not afraid to bare it all as loads of her nudes flood the cyberspace.

Like her fellow notorious Kenyan socialite whose activities cut across Africa, Vera Sidika, Huddah is out to blur the lines between African values and  western culture. She has used drugs, gone to rehab and back and has been reported HIV positive at some point (something later denied).  She has also agreed to experimenting with bisexual instincts, which she later quit.

Among other things she has said, she is renowned for this:

“Honestly, I don’t understand why women have to be the ones hating all the damn time. If you think my vagina is giving me the life I live then why don’t u use your vagina too to get a life instead of hating?”

And on top of all the crazy things she has said and done, the ambitious limelight addict and Kim Kardashian wannabe has laid Wizkid! Calls for concern? Remember the HIV reports about her. Even though she refuted the HIV claims, should we worry about Wizkid’s health? So much for laying bad ‘chicks’ you might say.




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