What My Beef With 50 Cent Achieved After 13 Years -Eedris Abdulkareem

On December 4, 2004, an unbelievable event shook the Nigerian music industry as two big guns in the industry had a fight. The fight which happened in Nigeria between a local artiste and an international artiste was a global dispute as at the time mentioned.

The historical dispute happened when Nigerian rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem confronted American rapper, 50 Cent, which apparently resulted to a mild drama ensued aboard an ADC airline from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

However, Abdulkareem was the greatest Nigerian rapper (it may sound ludicrous now, but in those days, he truly was) and 50 Cent was the greatest rapper on the planet.

It is almost 13 years, and the dispute between the duo remains significant for the Nigerian music industry of today.

As at that time, it was accounted for that Eedris attempted to sit in a seat reserved for 50 Cent, and was blocked from doing so.

A goaded Eedris challenged, bringing about a fight inside the airplane at the tarmac of the domestic wing of Murtala Muhammad Airport.

Feeling affronted, 50 Cent left Nigeria without completing his shows, in the wake of performing just in two out of the charged four shows.

Addressing the issue in a recent interview with LIB, the Jaga Jaga maintains that he was only protesting the poor treatment given to local acts during the musical tour, unlike the foreign ones.

According to Abdulkareem, the dispute was the revolution that got every artiste respected in the Nigerian industry and outside the country.

His words; “When I was on the plane with 50, and he asked me to get the hell out of his seat. I said no, this is Nigeria, this is my country.

“He can’t come here and tell me shit, that isn’t gonna happen. That was the revolution that got every artistes respected in the Nigerian industry and it took them all over the country.

“That was the defending moment for the Nigerian artistes, I can remember at the back stage, Psquare was sent away, a couple of people were also sent a way and I wasn’t happy about it.’

“But moving forward, I’m happy for the Nigerian Industry and am happy with everything that’s happening today.”




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