Tagbo’s Death: Popular Questions Caroline Danjuma Needs To Answer After Accusing Davido

Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma has been a major topic in the music scene and entertainment industry at large.

In a series of posts on her Instagram, Danjuma alleges that Davido has a hand in a man’s death, who is simply identified as Tagbo.

According to Danjuma, Davido and his team members wore face caps to hide their identities, as they dumped Tagbo’s corpse at an undisclosed general hospital.

Danjuma maintains that, the incident happened on Tagbo’s birthday after he died in Davido’s car.

There has been mixed reactions following her post, as fans took to social media to direct sacrosanct questions to the actress.

A lady, identified on Instagram as @nigeriansmakeupartists queried, ‘Normal stuffs, once anything happen to any of your associates or your associates do bad stuffs, no you wey get Name then go tag, Shebi it’s not only davido that’s there? But now na only him name we dey hear. Why? Cause he’s the famous one among em..’

Another concerned lady, takes to Instagram to vent her rage on Danjuma’s accusations. ‘We don’t really know what happened, even Caroline wasn’t der wen it occurred, she accused him, was he the only one present with Tagbo? She made a mistake by publicly bringing the matter on SM, after all investigations and autopsy have been carried out, and davido and his crew are clean, shebi haunty Caro wil coman write apology letter… Ok… and if they’re clean he better sue her?…’ francess_relia posted.

Wait oo.. But no be only Davido dey there nau, why e kon be say na only him name we dey hear? Oh, because he is a celebrity? Ota po gan sha. Tagbo looks damn sick already. Anything could lead to anyone’s death… We should all be reasonable.iamdc101.


“Can carol danjuma shut up already… he’s not an alcoholic but the pic shows him smoking …the question is how well did u know this guy? I’m not judging him based on his lifestyle but u shouldn’t go around throwing accusations on people. He has obviously been with Davido for a long time and he didn’t die , moreover it could have happened to anybody at anytime. An incident occurred and you fail to do proper investigation and u open ur mouth to be saying nonsense. May his soul Rest In Peace ?jemmie_aries complimented the questions.





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