Susan Peters: Actress OPENS Up On Abortion, Marriage Crash Controversies (Investigation)

susan_petersNollywood star, Susan Peters has found herself on the vile end of the rumour mills after it was reported that the recently married role interpreter aborted a 5 months-old pregnancy due to marriage troubles.

According to the reports, Susan ‘claimed’ she had a miscarriage in order to cover up the collapse of her marriage with Dutchman, Dr. Croon.

Celeb Police super-agent, Daniel Fayemi launched an investigation into the stories making the rounds as many of her shocked fans were already forming opinions and even calling the actress unpalatable names.

Investigations revealed, however, that the rumors circulating held no water as the actress remains happily married and has been enjoying her marriage with Dr. Croon since they got married in October 2015. In fact, Celeb Police gathered that she was just at her mother in laws funeral with her husband.

Celeb Police cornered the actress for her reaction to the stories and her agent, Barbara described the stories as complete garbage. She said, “She loves kids and there is no way under Gods covering that she would do any such thing as terminate her very own when she conceives. Susan and her hubby are still very much in sync solidly and loving each other and still in a honeymoon phase as they are still newlyweds.

SP“Her followers on Facebook will attest to it that her posts always shows either a pregnant mother with a baby, a pregnant wife being catered to by her husband as well as a few comedic posts about babies with their mothers and fathers. Not forgetting her own photos with the children in her family with whom she has great bonds and fun with. Susan even has a foundation called Benue Pikin that caters to children suffering from asthma and diabetes where they provide necessary needs, support and care to such children. So you should decipher that no person that loves kids this much, and spends her time with them this much would abort her own.”

Agent Daniel pressed her further to determine whether the actress had at a point been pregnant after her marriage before being ‘not pregnant’ again to which she responded frankly. “Susan has not been pregnant yet as she is working on a few projects and has a few more to do before year-end. When the newly wedded are ready, her and her hubby will procreate for us all,” she concluded.




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