Some Guys Like Us ‘Half Naked’ -Ladies React To Gbemi Phillips’ Statements

Nigerian ladies have come out in numbers to react to the recent comment made by Gbemi Phillips, a popular filmmaker.

It would be recalled that, Phillips posted on her Snapchat the level of indecency among ladies. In her post, she revealed that lack of modesty in dressing to weddings is why most ladies are single.

“Na wa o … This new aso ebiera is seious!!!! Why won’t all of you still be single … yes I am judging!!! It makes no sense. Dressing half naked to someones traditional wedding babanla contradiction … #getittogetherladies #youalllookridiculous” Phillips posted.

In an interview with some selected ladies, it was learnt that dressing ‘half-nude’ to weddings is not a factor for ladies’ singleness.

According to a lady, simply identified as Jose Phyn, people go to event for different reasons.

“Gbemi Phillips has no right to judge how people dress to events. Some could be a fashion designer trying to showcase what they do. People go to even for business reasons. She has no right to judge how people dress to events, because it is none of her business.” She said.

For Olorunsola, Phillips is not in the best position to conclude on what men admire in women. “It is not true because guys have their preferences. Some guys actually like you half-naked while some like you all covered. Single ladies have different reasons to why they are still single, and I feel a lady shouldn’t be painted like it is her fault to be single.” She added.




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