Small Doctor’s Explicit Video: A Damaging Eyesore To His Personality

Yesterday, August 24, popular music artiste, Michael Owusu Addo fondly called Small Doctor was in the news not for good reason.

The music star, had uploaded for reasons best known to him a video, displaying him wanking on his SnapChat account.

The video which has since gone viral, took everyone by surprise as many queried his negligence, putting his career as a public figure at risk.

Henceforth, it is no doubt that the video has a lot to do with his career. Unarguably, it is almost impossible to eradicate whatever goes viral online and it is almost not achievable to manage the topic of discourse in the present Nigerian society.

In recent times, Small Doctor appears to have up his game musically. And it is pertinent to note that professional music in Nigeria is by class and Small Doctor came from a very humble class.

As he debuts his career, his kind of music wasn’t well appreciated, as most people believed his music is not for them. Most especially, when he often uses ‘AIN‘ as a slogan many considered irritating in his song. His ‘Mosquito Killer‘ song can affirm this as it didn’t bring the artiste close to where he is now.

However, the singer took many by surprise, as he releases ‘Gbera’, a song many people would have preferred as a debut. Now, Small Doctor in his career is in a social category where some people dream of witnessing.

To buttress his incredible feat in the industry, he came out with a ‘Penalty’, a song everybody want to listen to over and over again. The song has no doubt break the market-hub, and has given him a perfect positioning in the industry.

Small Doctor is now one of the musical rave of the moment everyone want to relate with. Even some celebrity colleagues can’t get over his vibes, sharing same stage together.

Just yesterday, he seems to have been a victim of his song, by playing his own ‘penalty into a throwing’.

The video which has since gone viral, has received a large number of critics. Even while the video was been captured, the handler was heard saying ‘Aye Small Doctor yi ti baaje’, meaning his life is spoilt.

Shouldered with the responsibility of the likely consequence of the viral video on his musical career, Celeb Police learnt from people it will do him more harm than good.

See Social Media Reactions Below:

alloy_xxOgbeni shuush,ur upcoming n ur selling out,y broadcast wen he knows it will heat up,hmmmm he will b goofing around.

____ara_mideThis man needs some plank, what was he going to say happens to him for doing that?

its_onyxxHe has not made money yet lyk others he is here doing nonsense

karen.somThis is what happens when yhu think yhu done blow, when no one knows yhu

faridat_abubakarI sha no say no be every body like this boy progress,oga u better sit up n stop falling into traps, u think this entertainment industry is fairytale?

weezyfreak01Lol. Well I guess being new to social media makes you do some silly and dumb mistakes.???

papineverrunawayJust watched the vid on twitter. Shit is hilarious, extremely surprising and beyond embarrassing. This clown was actually butt naked stroking his pencil with all the confidence in the world. ? I see why he’s called “small” doctor. His name was explained perfectly in that clip. ? @iam_smalldoctor Damn bruh, whatever you are smoking must be some high level shit cos it actually possesses so much power to the point where it transformed you from being a musician to a porn star in less than 24 hrs.? .I just hope it doesn’t further transform you from being a porn star to a ritualist or an armed robber. ? ?. Of course that’s if it hasn’t done that already Lmao

moberrysportSmall career wey use style blow lately now he wan turn animal, penalty go enta throwing, sigh!





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