Are You Seeing Me? Davido Sends Nigerian Network Cryptic But Direct Message

Hours ago, singer, Davido, took to his social media space to celebrate the current number one spot placing of his single Fall on a music chart as he shared a screenshot. Congratulatory messages from his fans have been pouring in, but Celeb Police lab is seeing something else in the post.

In a subtle but very smart and calculated move, the sensational singer did not only just share his chart rating, he actually passed an indirect message to one of Nigeria’s telecommunications companies, Airtel, to wit, that he is a proud user of their network. Now celebs don’t usually sample what they use for free. The reasoning here is that if Davido with his multi-million social media following is sharing this without any formal deal, then there might actually be a motive.

Wild assumption, someone might say, but Celeb police judgement on a similar case when Olamide started sharing posts of screenshots with Glo network signal on them shows this might not be far from the truth. Olamide’s case happened few months after his contract with another network, Etisalat, expired. With a renewal not on the table, the dude started sampling Glo. While Celeb Police report at the time questioned his loyalty to Etisalat who only just failed to renew after few months, many defended the Pepper Dem singer in what seemed like open canvassing for an endorsement deal. Barely few months after the fan rage generated by that Celeb Police report, Olamide was unveiled as a Globacom Ambassador. Prediction on point.

And now, Davido’s post is in no way different from Olamide’s experience as reported by Celeb Police then. Although this time, no one can question Davido’s loyalty to any other telecom brand after his multi-million MTN deal expired and hasn’t been renewed since 2016. It remains to be seen though whether Airtel will read in-between the lines. If they do, you must give us credit for seeing it first! Celeb Police forensics on duty




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