Sarkodie Weighs In On Ghana Vs Nigeria Jollof Rice Controversy

Ghanaian pop star, Sarkodie has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding Ghanaian jollof rice and Nigerian jollof rice.

In an interview with Tim Westwood on his recent trip to the United Kingdom, the rapper addressed the ongoing supremacy battle between Nigeria and Ghana as well.

Expressing his thought, Sarkodie believes the tussle is all about love and the love between the two countries can’t be overemphasised.

Weighing in on the jollof rice controversy, Sarkodie with utmost confidence said Ghanaian jollof rice betters that of Nigeria. And his claim was, howeverbacked up by the interviewer, Tim Westhood.

Sarkodie said, “I think Nigeria and Ghana citizens fight a lot because of the love we have in common. We love ourselves so much. We fight a lot because we are kind of similar, which makes us fight for who is more original and it’s been a war.

“Talking of the war, one can attribute it to the ongoing comparism between Nigeria jollof rice and that of Ghana.”

Stressing further, “Let me put you on the spot, which would you prefer?” Sarkodie questioned Tim Westhood. And in response, Westhood said, “On the real, I personally prefer Ghanaian jollof baby.”

“On the real, because I am a Ghanaian doesn’t mean I won’t say things the way they are I will choose Ghanaian jollof rice over Nigerian jollof, and that’s what made Runtown do Mad Girl.” Sarkodie added.




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