REVEALED: Top Celebrities Who Walked Out Of Abusive Marriage

Celebrity marriage

With the recent celebrity marriage crash down, Celeb Police has taken a trip into the lives of some of these celebrities who were once married but are now single and happy, fulfilling their dreams, some even becoming ambassadors. These stars have even become a force to reckon with in the industry more than their counterparts who are still married, irrespective of the scandal they once faced. Because Celeb Police gives everyone a fair chance to be judged, knowing that these stars are expected to be the mirror of the society, a better example for everyone to look up to, we also think it is fair that these celebs be regarded as humans, people who have blood flowing through their vains,people who have emotions and deserve a better and happy life.

For Celeb Police, if marriage works for Celeb A, it might not work for celeb B because they all act, think,react differently and let’s not forget that these ‘Celebs’ are ordinary people, they are just like you and me bottled up with mistakes. The society shouldn’t condem them for choosing to stand up for their rights and sanity. Just imagine as a parent, your daughter is beaten to a pulp that she almost dies in her matrimonial home, when she survives that kind of battery, would you advice her to go back into that same home? or your sister, or cousin? Let’s be fair to these ladies and stop seeing them as ‘Celebrities’ who deserve to be beaten to death but as ‘Humans’ who probably made a mistake with their choices of spouse, but deserve a better chance to love,live and be happy.

Mercy Aigbe: Nollywood’s fashionista and proud mother of two whose 7year old marriage ended just few months ago shook the media as both couple paraded themselves as insaparable and happily in-love. Reports claim that Mr. Gentry has been physically abusing the actress for a while and his last battery against the actress landed her in the hospital bed with a swollen and bloodied face and also an injury in her brain with photos of doctor’s report to show proofs from the hospital. While she filed for divorce she also took up the case pretty seriously that landed the hotelier in Kirikiri prison.

Following the Mercy Aigbe’s messy marriage crisis, she was officially unveiled as a widows’ liberty ambassador at a press conference which got her ex-husband talking. The actress has since moved on and is certainly enjoying her freedom as a single parent.

Tonto Dikeh is another talented pretty nollywood diva whose marriage crashed following allegations of infedility and domestic violence.The proud mother of one had claimed that she suffered humiliations from the hands of her estranged husband Oladunni Churchill. According to rounds of interviews the actress granted, she once declared that her husband gave her STD. She also claimed that she suffered domestic battery from her husband but she kept enduring for herself and that she didn’t want to give up on her marriage. There were also claims that her mother-in law had caught her smoking but the actress denied the allegations. Further investigations also revealed that Tonto Dikeh’s marriage crashed because of Rosaline Meure although the upcoming actress had also denied being romantically involved with Mr. Churchill.The actress who recently dressed up like her husband to their son’s school on father’s day, sparked raged across the internet.

The actress had launched her charity foundation known as The Tonto Dikeh Charity Foundation (TTDF) in November 26, 2014 and has since then been moving from place to place being a blessing to less privileged women and children from Nigeria to Ghana.

Lilian Esoro‘s marriage to the Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin is one that happened in a twinkle of an eye and aroused so much emotions from their fans. Investigations revealed that the couple started on a rough path and although the beautiful actress had her reservations about her husband before accepting his proposal to be his wife but she eventually did followiing the advice from her friends. It was also revealed that their marriage had suffered domestic abuse followed with allegations of infidelity. Their marriage hit the rock just few months after the actress had their first child.







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