Revealed: How P-Square, Jude Okoye’s Wives Related During Singers’ BITTER Crisis

P Square and familyFans of singing duo, P-Square have continued to bombard the recently reconciled brothers with congratulatory messages following the protracted crisis that led to a disbandment of the group.

It is common knowledge that while the crisis went on, accusing fingers were pointed at the women in the lives of Paul and Peter Okoye as well as their brother, Jude as the culprits behind the falling out of their husbands.

The word about town was that Lola, Anita and Ifeoma, Jude’s wife caused the rift between the brothers and that they didn’t even see eyeball to eyeball.

Celeb Police can report that all these stories are actually far from the truth if information from the veteran media manager, Bayo Adetu is anything to go by.

According to Bayo, those accusing the ladies of causing the rift among their husbands are nothing but mischief makers as it was these three women who actually worked together in peace and unity when the men were quarrelling. Bayo also disclosed that P-Square regretted parting ways for months as it badly affected them as individuals and as a group.

He said, “It’s not that they loved the way the whole thing happened. But one thing people should understand is that this is not just the issue between brothers but twins. So, there is no way their quarrel could last forever. That’s one thing they should know. Some people only blew the whole thing beyond proportion.

“On the rumour that their wives were the reason for their quarrel, it’s a blatant lie. They knew nothing about it. Three of them Jude, Peter and Paul wives together with their children were even more united throughout the turbulent time. People only like peddling unnecessary rumour.

“Now, both of them are back even stronger, bigger and better. Nothing can separate them. They have both, surely, learnt from what happened. Peter and Paul, even with their elder brother, Jude are very much united now as a big family.

“In all, we give God glory, Peter and Paul are back again as P-Square. Although that doesn’t mean they can’t still do their individual stuffs, that doesn’t affect them as a group.”




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