Renowned Celebrities Who Are Now Born Again Christians

It is not errorneous to say Christianity in the entertainment industry is a well-embraced religion.

With recent events in the past and present, one can make excessive pride of stars who are wholeheartedly committed to Christendom.

The entertainment industry, has so far witnessed some of its stars openly declaring their religion and true commitment to Christendom. However, no one is paying attention to their religious lives, unlike every other issue that surrounds celebrities in the society.

Eucharia Anunobi, whose name definitely strikes a chord in movie buffs on account of the superlative role interpretation in ‘Glamour Girls’, however, declares herself a born again Christian years back. She made herself known to be a born-again evangelical Christian, and she’s obviously not ashamed of it.

As far back as 2007, she revealed during an interview how she became a born-again christian and what prompted her decision.

“I have been born-again for almost a decade now. Nobody converted me; I woke up and decided that I should pay more attention to God. I realised then that I couldn’t have got to the stage I was without the Almighty God so I decided I should concentrate on giving God more glory and dedicating my life to him.

“At that time, I knew that the fame that came with my movies and the jobs I did was on the high side at least by the Nigerian standard. So if I hadn’t become born-again, I probably would have been in the world. I worship with the Redeemed Christian Church of God at Ikeja.” She said.

Joining the league of celebrities who are dedicating their lives for Christ, is also Susan Peters. News of her born-again status spread like a wild fire, and she never came out to debunk the speculation.

Also joining the league is Majid Michele, a popular Ghanaian actor, who is happily exploring his Christian life. He is rumoured to be on fire for God, after Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor preached to him.

As part of his commitment, he said; “I’m going to regulate whatever provokes the emotions of man, be it sexually or any negative way. I won’t stop being bad in movies but I will regulate the kind of bad scenes you will see,” says Michel.

“You will not see my buttocks, you will not see sexually explicit scenes, you wont hear bad language but you will identify things that will propel your spirit to somewhere great. Basically we will reduce all the explicit scenes you used to see.”

Tonto Dikeh, a Nollywood Star, has also been in the news over her religious status. She has bodly confessed her newly found love for Chist, disregarding her sinful past.

“I have always been a good Christian, I would say that I backslided, but I have come back to Christ and I have immersed myself in him again, I can now say I am born again.” She was quoted in an interview.




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