‘Ponmile’ Music Video: Is Reminisce Promoting Domestic Violence?

Nigerian indigenous rapper, Reminisce is no doubt doing well for himself as he displays his story-telling prowess with new single, ‘Ponmile’.

The song which debuts few weeks ago, is a proof of Reminisce’s melody in versatility.

In his song, the Alaga Ibile as he’s fondly called addresses the topics of loyalty, trust, and love while talking about marital domestic violence; an uncontrolled issue in the Nigerian society.

The song’s video which has been widely received since its release, appears to some people to be a promotional tool for aggressive behaviour at home with its video.

Ponmile’s video is a story-telling drama that stirs leading Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola and rising film sensation, Lota Chukwu.

Adekola and Chukwu, however played couple roles no one wishes to make a goal, as they engage each other in serious argument.

The video, however portrays Adekola to be a calm husband who is ready to tolerate his wife despite her flaws. It was a game change as he eventually loosed his temper on Chukwu who played the role of his wife.

Celeb Police takes to the street to sample people’s opinion as regards the video, and almost everyone attested that the video can be vividly understood to be a promotional tool.

For Ruka Saberedowo, the song is good but the video should have been well checked and examined.

She said, “The music video started well, but ended on a disappointing note. Adekola played a very good professional role in the video, but that moment he held a sharp object in form of a knife in a bid to hack his wife probably to death is not good at all.”

Seun Shotonwa feels the video is a message for the Nigerian society at large. “The video wasn’t promoting domestic violence in anyway. The song itself was to correct physical violence most especially in marriages, not that he’s promoting it. Besides, I feel his lyrics somehow contrast the video.” He said.

Pauline Onoja said, “I don’t think it is promoting domestic violence. Seeing the video, it is obvious that the wife really nagged and pushed the husband to wall of over-reacting. Moreover, there are other ways of settling differences rather than raising her voice on the man.”

Meanwhile, at the end of the video, Reminisce displayed the intention of the video for his viewers.

The message reads; “28% (almost a third) of all Nigerian women have experienced physical violence. ‘VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER’ -ALAGA IBILE.”




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