Police Summoned To Investigate Davido Over Tagbo’s Death

The Nigeria Police Force, has been summoned to investigate the trending issue of Davido’s alleged involvement in the death of a man, simply identified as Tagbo.

It would be recalled that, actress Carolyn Danjuma called out the singer, alleging that he played a significant role in Tagbo’s death.

In a series of post on her Instagram, Danjuma alleges that Davido has a hand in Tagbo’s death.

According to Danjuma, Davido and his team members wore face caps to hide their identities, as they dumped Tagbo’s corpse at an undisclosed general hospital.

Danjuma maintains that, the incident happened on Tagbo’s birthday after he died in Davido’s car.

Reacting to the allegations leveled against the singer, fans took to social media to summoun the police.

“Caroline isn’t accusing anyone,she’s only vexed as to why he was abandoned at the hospital by his so-called friends… That move alone is suspicious, I pray the police forgets bribe and carry out proper investigation and they should also do an autopsy to find out the actual curse of his death before assuming and come to think of it,excessive drinks can not just kill someone immediately if na like that, drunkards for don die since.” hillysugar commented.

buddie_55 posted, “Let the Cops do their job, this is definitely far from over…and big ups to Davido for breaking his silence in most reasonable way possible…RIP to the dead.”

“whoever called David out the Caroline woman never accused him of murdering the said tagbo, she only needed answers as to what went wrong as davido’s crew were last seen with the deceased… I mean it’s what every normal relative would do in that situation. Also the fact that he was left at the hospital in such manner of neglect further raises the question.. What would a reasonable man do in such circumstance?. The bottom line is let the police discharge their duty without fear or favour.ardah_xoxo@ozeus01.





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