Nollywood Actor, Gregory Ojefua Reacts To Omotola’s Sex Scene In ‘Alter Ego’

Nollywood actor, Gregory Ojefua who starred alongside co-star, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in ‘Alter Ego, has reacted to the much-talked about sex scene in the movie recently released.

A proper viewing of the movie trailer, one would be compelled to wonder Omotola partner’s reaction and that of Wale Ojo, a Nollywood star who starred along as well.

In the movie, Omotola and Ojo advances their professionalism as they were both erotically engrossed with each other while on set.

Reacting to the intimacy shared on set between the duo, there has been mixed reactions among Omotola’s fans as some are yet to recover from the shock after seeing her play such roles in ‘Alter Ego’.

Celeb Police in an interview with Ojefua who starred in the movie, learnt that the erotic scenes in ‘Alter Ego’ are professionalism at its peak.

He said, “There is no way anybody will have real sex while on set in this country. Not even Omotola who is a responsible married woman. However, that is the beauty in it and I think viewers should applaud film makers for shooting movie scenes like this, and you believing it is real it’s a plus on our side. Acting is not supposed to be a obviously ‘make-believe’, it is expected to actually come out as though, as if it was real.”

When asked if Omotola as a married woman should have played the role, considering the Nigerian societal culture, the star actor maintains that professionalism and culture are two different things.

His words; “There is culture and at the same time, there is professionalism. If we say she shouldn’t do it because she’s married, that means once we run out of actresses that are single, we won’t have anyone to use for a love making scene again.

“The truth is we are just doing what we do professionally and mind you, we act responsibly as well. She was trying to tell a story, she was trying to make the youths understand the psychology effect of what created the sexual problem she was dealing with, and those things just have to come to tell the story a bit more.

“If that was the way she lives her life really, that’s when culture can come in and you can say oh! it’s bad, but she’s just going out to do her job, to make people understand what life is all about, culture should hold nothing against her. After all, she didn’t have her sensitive part out, so let culture take its place and professionalism as well.”




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