More Than A Remix, R.Kelly Takes Davido ‘Friendship’ To New Level

After American singer and R&B legend, R.Kelly’s remix of Nigerian sensation, Davido’s, IF, many Nigerians and Davido himself couldn’t hide their excitement over the surprise. For them, it is a big endorsement for Davido’s brand and Nigerian music. Their excitement might not be misplaced considering the fact that the song is an entirely made in Nigerian single, delivered with a Nigerian flair.

R.Kelly who shared a sneak peek of his IF remix weeks back, with his Instagram location indicator locked on Nigeria, has however gone a step further to show Davido and the whole world that he didn’t just do a remix but has actually been following the progress of Davido’s  song on foremost music sales and download platform, iTunes. The legend hailed Davido for making it to number 2 spot on the sales charts after he jumped on it, to which the DMW boss responded with his gratitude, but not without correcting R.Kelly that he his actually stuck at the number 1 spot, though with another song, Fall. Check out their twitter convo:

No doubt, Davido’s relationship with R.Kelly is gradually moving beyond a mere remix. While this is good for Davido and the Nigerian entertainment brand, some industry watchers however believe the make-believe nature of showbiz could actually mean that the whole remix affair was arranged either by the Nigerian star or by managers at the Sony end of his international deal to promote his work abroad. Either, it’s still a win-win for Davido and brand Nigeria.

On the flip side though, the mere fact that R.Kelly didn’t seem to notice that Davido is still the one at number one spot with another title might suggest those holding the ‘arrangee’ card for the If remix might have a point, however lacking in substance as it might seem. A another remix or an outright collaboartion would just killed that off though.




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