Mayowa Ekpo’s Reaction After ‘For the Dick/P*ssy’ Challenge Was Directed To Her

The just-concluded month of September, is a month a lot of people took to social media to reminisce their encounter with the sex organ, and what they can do to have an unforgettable expeirence with it.

American songstress, Cardi B, however, popularised the ‘For the Dick/P*ssy’, and it soon spread like wild fire as she shared it on her Instagram.

Ever since she launched the challenge, the social media have no doubt been filled with both explicit and crass post for public consumption.

Musical jokes related to genitalia took over the social phenomenon, and everyone is confidently expressing sexual capabilities for admirers.

After getting the challenge directly sent for ears to hear and her eyes to see alone, Mayowa Ekpo lamented how she wokeup on the wrong side of her bed openning her DM.

According to her, she got a message on her DM sent by a boy who was expressing his interest to ‘toy’ with her vagina.

Her words; “Hi guys, I woke up like a few minutes ago and I said to myself, let me just check my DM maybe I can get some messages, because I have been expecting some couple of messages from people that I have been talking with.

“And I opened my DM. I see this video from a boy, sending me the pussy challenge, telling me how he’s going to do this and that for my pussy.

“That’s ok, you can do whatever you want, but why do you feel the need to send the video personally to only me, and even put for your eyes and hears only.

“And I am thinking to myself, are people ok? These things are rubbish. I am sitting quietly on my own, and here is this person trying to unnecessarily get me angry . An unfortunate, foolish person of the whole universe, telling me the things he’s going to do for my p**sy, come you want to do things for my vagina abi? come!”




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