Lanre Teriba Reveals Intention To Sing Gospel Music In Arabic

Popular gospel singer, Lanre Teriba has made known his intention to sing in the lingua franca of the Arab world.

The singer in an interview with Celeb Police, revealed that he has made a decision to translate his songs to Arabic language.

Teriba, fondly called Atorise while addressing the reason behind his intention, stressed that his music cut across.

According to him, he’s not just a gospel artiste but an inspirational artiste.

He said, “Right now, I am planning on interpreting my songs in French apart from English. So whenever I am releasing an album, I want the subtitle to be in different languages because I sing in Yoruba. I want to have in French, English, Arabic and other good languages. The vision basically is to make the music cut across the whole part of the world.”

Disregarding the fact that Arabic language is for the Muslims alone, he said; “That is not the truth, I can preach to anybody. It is just for them to buy what I am selling or not to buy it. It is a matter of choice, but my own is to pass the message and I must make sure I pass the message.

“I can tell you point blank that with my research, I have 50% of fans that are Muslims. That’s why I often say my own kind of music is inspirational, it is more than Gospel and that cut across.

When asked if he has performed in any Muslim gathering, he added; “I have performed in different Muslim weddings. I have entertained guests at Muslim weddings in the past and I am still doing that till now. Even this coming October, I have been booked to perform at a Muslim wedding already.

“They want to feel my music, they want to dance to my tune. In all honesty, these fans are committed fans. And this really has nothing to do with religion.”




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