Ladies’ Reaction After Actress Launched ‘Operation Remove Your Panties’

Following the launching of ‘Operation Remove Your Panties’, a campaign established by Baby Blanche to stop ladies from wearing panties, there has been mixed reactions as to how appropriate her campaign is.

Celeb Police had earlier reports the Ghanaian star actress, as she revealed why she has refused to wear panties for the past seven years and how that has complimented her health stability.

However, some ladies believe her decision to abstain from panties is thoughtful while some claims it is an absolute abnormality for ladies not to wear panties.

Shodipo Mariam in her talks, said, “It is necessary to wear your panties during your period, and it is ideal as a lady to wear your panties anytime, any day.”

On if her campaigns can stop her from wearing panties, she added, “Her campaign can’t stop me from wearing panties, even if the fact that I don’t always wear it, I can’t walk around all day without panties.”

“Why won’t you wear your panties as a lady? Olaitan Olayiwola queried. “As for me, I can’t do without my panties, even if I want to sleep I still wear it, though not full. Though it is her choice to abstain from wearing panties, she shouldn’t just compel people to see things in her direction.”

For Gbemisola Ganiyat, Blanche is just an attention seeker. And if she can do without panties, she said; “I can’t do without my panties. And as per her claims, it is being dirty that causes diseases not wearing panties.”

Ganiyat stressed further, “When you are not wearing panties as a lady, the vagina is more expose and anything can just blow in as well as touch. If you wear clean panties, wash them regularly and change them as at when due, you shouldn’t contact disease.

“I believe most people that doesn’t wear panties, do that because they don’t want their panty lines to show, while some do that because they want their ass to shake and draw attention when they walk, not because of their health issue.”

Jane added, “For me, it is not easy to wear the same undies for the whole day, most especially when you are someone that’s engaged in stress and most times not in the air condition.

“When you choose to wear a pant for a whole day, you will definitely get sticky and not everyone likes that. However, it is advisable to always put on your panties because you don’t know what will happen in the next minutes, and who you are going to fight, you can even have a wardrobe malfunction, among other unexpected things that can come into play.

“Also too much of wearing pants will make you sweat and get sticky. And there are also bacteria you can get from your panties if you don’t change them regularly and the bacteria can actually get into your vagina, which is another health implication of it.”




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