Ladies Express Concern Over Dayo’s Comments About Men

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa has established a debate on her Instagram page, regarding men in relationships.

Volunteering why women are often plagued with cheating partners, Amusa blamed it on women’s belief to ‘fix’ any man, no matter how badly damaged emotionally he may be.

Following her post, there has been serious reactions on her page, as many confessed the actress shared their typical self.

Encountering some comments on her page, it was learnt that a lady will rather go for a man she loves instead of settling with the one that loves her.

Sharing her view on Amusa’s post, a lady simply identified as tabithacares on Instagram shared; “You just described me and this made me shed a tear, I used think ts such a gift to be a Healer, trying to mend broken pieces together or helping them get thier acts together and find a purpose,losing one’s self and almost losing one’s self worth, but it never happens and even when you feel you’re finally getting results, they slip out of your hands and change to that which you’ve always wanted them to be but for someone else, this made me think deep, what if I(we) are actually broken and trying to be a fixer/healer is just a way to cover our weaknesses and keep up appearances, the truth is we need some sort of healing and until that happens we’ll keep ending up in such messy situations thinking it’s a gift, the healing process is a long bumpy ride, I have fallen off that path a few times but I am determined to heal and find/get and enjoy all the happiness that I deserve.

Well said, any man that’s broken is broken no matter how many times you pick up his pieces he will never appreciate the help and support been offered, only him can make the changes. Change come from the inside of person that needs to be change, no one can change anybody. The person needs to realize that he needs to turn around from his old way and get help. God needs to touch the heart of such soul.” bummyhouseoflove added.




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