Psquare’s Reunion: Jude Okoye Finally REACTS

Jude Okoye elder brother and ex manager of P-Square has finally reacted to the public apology made by brother, Peter Okoye.

Jude Okoye, shared a picture of his brothers, P-Square on his social media page with the caption, “Blessed”.


Apparently with the caption, all is well with the trio.

According to Peter Okoye’s statement, the group is set to hit the music scene with new music videos and ideas, with their brother Jude Okoye, as manager.

The fued which started early in the year, between Peter and Jude Okoye, led to P-Square’s split and Jude being fired as the group’s manager.

Peter pressed on to sue his brothers, Paul and Jude for using the brand, P square, for a solo show in Congo.


After series of ranting on social media, Peter finally came out with a public apology to his brothers and fans.

Days after the apology and announcement made by Peter, his other half, Paul,  reacted, by saying, family is everything, citing that, all is good between them.

Fans have however, reacted to this development, with excitement.


Celeb Police hereby declares this case closed.




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