Is Davido Promoting Cultism?

Celebrities are no doubt known to be very influential persons in the society. Thus, they earn ambassadorial deals in quest to reach a larger audience to promote a brand or agitate for something.

However, it appears that the celebrities who are most-recognised to be very influential are not only promoting normality in the society.

In recent times, Nigerian pop star, Davido and other musical artistes have left many of their fans wondering if cultism is now the order of the day.

Recalling that Davido sparked outrage among his lovers, haven chanted to notorious cult group’s song.

Puzzling his fans in the video he shared on social media, Davido enthusiastically sing in lines to the gyration songs of the cult gang, popularly known as Aye Axe Men.

As if that wasn’t enough, Davido may have affirmed his affiliation with the cult group in his ‘Dodo’ video, where he donned their black beret and made some signals linked to the confraternity group.

More so, his recent haircut, which has 7 on it was speculated to be in honour of his cult group, simply identified as Black Axe.

Following his caption to the picture of the haircut he posted, ‘INGBA INGBA !!! 7’, some social media users alluded to the ‘7’ sign as a signature of cultism, coupled with the fact that ‘ingba ingba’ means War ohh.




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