Ibori’s UK Prison Life, The Untold Inside Story (Must See)

Former governor of Delta State James Onanefe Ibori has been there and back. Prison, that is. For the sake of the records, he was a thief. At least that much the UK authorities were able to prove in court and he pleaded guilty. Consequently he was jailed for 13 years, but just recently got out after just 4 years due to some developments in the Crown Prosecution case build up which meant the justice had to take another look at the case and make new decisions. Today, the famous strongman of delta State politics, nay, Nigeria, is back in his home town, Oghara, to the warm welcome of his family, both biological and political.

Celeb Police decided to pry into what the prison life of the UNIBEN alumnus was like. What we found might make you want a taste of UK prison life yourself. Although our efforts to get the actual prison where he served his term didn’t yield direct answers, we were able to glean the basic life conditions of his prison experience from the system. Amongst other things we found that Ibori:

1. Had a TV set in his room, just like every other prisoner in the UK in the category of his sentence is entitled to.
2. He stood a chance of making money from prison employment. For instance a cleaner in one of Her Majesty’s Prisons earns as much as £10 a week. Multiply that by about 208weeks Ibori served, and that will give about £2,000? That’s about N1.2m. Inside prison! But then, you wouldn’t imagine Ibori cleaning right? Except if he is compelled to do so.
3. He had a toilet, sink, and bed space
4. Chances of him using are very high because according to an ex-inmate there, ”prison causes a net increase in drug addiction because people go in clean and come out as heroin addicts, rather than people going in as heroin addicts and coming out clean”
5. He was locked inside for an average of 20 hours per day (most likely) with a roommate
6. His chances of developing other sexual instincts are also very high, considering the high rate of
blown gay switches of adult inmates who spend a long time in jail. If he managed to get a straight roommate, it makes life easier.
7. He had the chance of reading a lot, because according to another inmate, the concept their prisons have changed from a punishment centre to place to engineer attitude change and as such, apart from food and TV, books were the other readily available comfort afforded inmates.
How will all of these experiences impact the big boy of Delta Politics, aka Odidigborigbo? Are we going to see a calmer, more restrained and detached person as most prisoners turn out to be or are we in for a reloaded version of his old self. Any how it turns out, Ibori is back!




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