Gbemi Phillips Under Fire After Revealing Why Most Ladies Are Single

Popular Nigerian filmmaker, Gbemi Phillips has slammed ladies who dress half naked to weddings, claiming that’s why most ladies are single.

Phillips, took to her Snapchat and posted: “Na wa o … This new aso ebiera is seious!!!! Why won’t all of you still be single … yes I am judging!!! It makes no sense. Dressing half naked to someones traditional wedding babanla contradiction … #getittogetherladies #youalllookridiculous”

Haven posted this and directing her shot at women, the social media has since been set on fire as her ‘half-naked’ picture was collaged with the post she made.

Following the post, Nigerians on social media have directed some ‘harsh’ utterances to her, asking ‘why was her dressing in contradiction to her post’.

See Reactions Below:

_emerylAnd why is her picture contradicting her statement? If you’re an advocate of decency, then you should appear decent at all times. You can’t dress like that while going for an event or hanging out,then come on social media to preach for us. That’s hypocritical.

adaobi911Ode, so being single is now a crime , you are a mumu girl *InAsariDokubo’sVoice

houseofmadivaAnd you posted this pishur of u on social media? Babanla hypocrite, mind your damn business!

labi_knows_bestHer own single is too coming… It would look like she just dropped a hit track because they would dig this her snap for her.

iteenahShe is dressed on a crop top… but I’ll just ignore n pass by. It’s not ur half nakedness ooo

adwest001That better not be her in the photo… i swear yall women sometimes…

my_black_is_ravishingI don’t know why a grown woman will be so worked up about what another grown woman chooses to put on your body?? Is being single now a disease or an insult? Clueless generation. They eat, drink and sleep marriage like it’s the end of the world?

caeser_writes_2016Pot calling kettle black,just look at yourself an your exposed cleavage,yet you’re condemning other ladies? Hypocrite

queenstacypPot calling kettle black judge not madam SPEAKER CEO OF ALL THE SINGLE LADIES.

amyofordumIf a marriage is guaranteed by modest dressing, I know at least 4 people that ought to be married by now. Now I know 7 girls that can naked for Africa ..they all in their husband’s houses and enjoying their happily ever afters. I am not validating indecency…nope I never will… but what I’m trying to say is what will be will be… grace differs…your mode of dressing is no guarantee that you will make it to heaven… neither is it a surety that you wouldn’t be single

absolute_delight@adepeju_cateringservices No mind her. I can’t ignore the messenger. She’s a certified OKPO. Is she not the one with the leaked sex tape that her influential mother looked for a way to make the thing disappear from the internet?




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