Future Dreams: Comedienne Emmanuella Chooses New Career Over Comedy

Critically acclaimed young comedienne Emmanuella has revealed her preferred career choice when she grows up. According to the prodigy, her mind is set on becoming a make up artist and actress when she grows up.

The award-winning comedienne who revealed her future career while speaking in a recent video with an online news channel GoldmyneTV however says she is feels happy about what she does at the moment. But she wouldn’t let the fame get into her head as she believes her talent does not make her the greatest kid in the world for it is only God that makes one great.

Speaking about how far she has grown in the industry, she says she can do very well as an actress in the movie industry. She then revealed her passion for the make up business, noting that even though she doesn’t wear make up for her skits, that she has a deep interest in taking it up as a profession when she grows up.

Like most kids though, the 6 years old Emmanuella also revealed her much she loves watching cartoon, playing games, and jumping around whenever she is not on set.

Emmanuella burst into limelight a few years ago when of the Mark Angel’s comedy skits where she stars titled This Is Not My Real Face went viral on Youtube and social media. Her extraordinary talent has earned her several awards both nationally and internationally, with a CNN special feature on her marking the dawn of international acclaim. Much to her credit, the The Mark Angel skits channel has become the first ever Youtube channel in Nigeria to have one million subscribers.

Does the talented kid believe acting or make up business is bigger or better than being a comedienne? She is still a kid for now and only time will tell if she will still to her new career wish




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