Pasuma’s Daughter Fraud Alert Update: Alleged Victim Opens Up To Celeb Police

Engr. prince Adedayo OladodoIlorin businessman, Engr. Abdulsalam Rashid Oladodo, aka Major, the owner of the leisure centre whom Celeb Police reported to have been scammed by Pasuma’s daughter, Rokibat, Seun aka Ade Gogo and a man believed to be one of the managers of the protégés of Pasuma, Small Doctor, has told CP all that happened between him and the other parties.

Major who owns the popular leisure centre  in the heart of Ilorin told CP today, September 3, 2016 that; “We believe you are a true Nigerian who wants to fight for the common man, but as good as your report was, I was not really scammed. It was just a ‘booking and rebooking’ misunderstanding. We booked Small Doctor but he later said he was engaged for that day and we changed the date. It is just an in-house issue between business partners and wasn’t meant to be for the press. Please, I don’t want any problem between me and Pasuma’s family, my media manager, Small Doctor and everybody around him.”

Although, the booking and rebooking caused some disagreement but the businessman said it’s been resolved amicably. “We engaged small doctor to come and play for us on the 19th of September but, it was shifted to 20th because, of another engagement and we all agreed. He shifted it again to 21, we all agreed and he said he could not meet up again that was when we now shifted it to the Thursday after Ileya Ceremony in the month of September and have settled the matter..”

CP equally sent a text message to Small Doctor’s camp after several unreturned calls but later, they replied. The text message read; “Nobody from this label connived with anybody, the person does not in any way work with him and again he already told me he has volunteered himself to come and do the show and date has been given. His lawyer has already taken up the case and everything has been solved. Thank you.”

Celeb Police hereby declares this case closed.




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