Fans React As Timaya Bash Eedris Abdulkareem

Controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem has been in the news for the past few weeks, and he has no doubt been a subject of discussion in the entertainment industry.

It would be recalled that on several occassions, the veteran rapper, has clamped down heavily on his fellow musicians, with the most recent of which, he called Timaya an ingrate.

Following a recent interview where Abdulkareem, tagged Timaya an ingrate, the pop singer tagged Abdulkareem ‘a dirty looking igbo smoker and a fool‘.

After tongue-lashing the Jaga Jaga singer, there has been mixed reactions among fans of the duo on social media.

See Reactions Below:

omotoyosi_oYou see, I have been reading celebrities replies to those who attack them on IG & others, not that I don’t have a job, I read to philosophize their maturity & whether they deserve my respect with the manner they reply the attackers, who don’t even know the quarter of their ( celebrities) lives but lately, I have been disappointed with some replies. Back to timaya, you replied negativity with higher negativity which means you just proved his point even more than what he called you. #Don‘t be deceived by the money &the people you have today# death or disaster is a respecter of no one. Be kinder and humble to those before and after you. Life is simpler that way.

comedianappleI’m just catching fun. Maybe obasanjo will settle fight between idris and 50 cent and other Nigerians artist. No wonder idris fight 50 cents in 2004 . Somebody should just caustion him before they start to they kill their self ooO

king_tayooUncle eedris you need to understand that life is in Times and seasons , Your time has Gone , it is the back up singer of today that will become the star of tommorow Check Wizkid and Banky W’s case , stop looking for Relevance by bringing young boys down

seunfunmi_aWhy does this man edris feels its cool to insult everybody while granting interviews as a pioneer in the industry to feel good about himself ?…you don’t insult people to make yourself look great or to feel good about yourself….respect is earned and not forced….it says a whole lot about his person…looks like a bully…people would put you in your place old man

smallieee_Dirty looking igbo smoker. ?????????????

__pritijayNice clap back ?

olektravelsIdris let me help u trafel ofasee ok

izzyryder01Eedris or Idris whatever ur name is…stop hating on a successful brother…Every boss once started as an employee so no biggy! Dude if your time is played out, try and get another Prodigy and stay behind the scene and stop hating on Sound buoy as he’s proved to be very relevant in the past, present and future of Afrobeat on an Int’l level. No be jaga jaga dey win pass bro. You guys should stop all this unwanted social media banter and keep Nigeria on the map. Peace to all!!! ✌





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