Fans Dare Bovi To Dash-Out All His Riches After Endorsing Poverty

With recent events and occurrences, one can say the level of desperacy in the Nigerian society can not be overemphasised.

Following Bovi’s comment on poverty and riches, there have been mixed reactions on social media as many queried his audacity to make such comments considering his level of success and influence in the society.

In his juxtaposition of poverty and riches, Bovi acknowledged the fact that poverty is priceless in given circumstances and wealth should just be seen as a secondary option.

He maintains that poverty is profitable when long life in good health is guaranteed. Unlike riches which has nothing to offer one but vain.

However, his view has so far stirred up controversy on social media as many dares Bovi to dash out all his riches and have a taste of what life without riches look like.

See Reactions Below:

livingstoneonyI totally disagree

dayoriteofficialOde!!! Gimme all the money wey you get nah. Idiot boy

kingenoaliI wish all the money he has will vanish,his assets and all get vanish,make we see weda hin go still talk diz none sense?

mrgabbIf i slap him se him he is poor ..he shu dash all his money out naa and enjoy with poverty

ghetto_nigeroBlood money vampires would love to die young na! They don’t ave anything left on earth! You spent away your destiny & future, why you no go wan die young? Lol

goldenmilexBe a good example. Donate all ur riches first den come back to tell us diz.

linchcuisineSo you don’t know that poverty is a curse abi?? Now, lemme rephrase what u just said *it’s better u live a short life yet live right in wealth than stay alive for long in poverty* cz truth be told, people will use you till d end. You will be turned into their old school uniform they dumped years back. Tell me, who poverty epp? Just live right n stay rich till death takes u. Atleast, u know ur kids are secured even after u pass away???rubbish

iamdamodinhoWhat is sweet about life when you’re poor?. It even takes courage to wake up without the possibility of having breakfast. Go to Myanmar (Burma) or Mogadishu, You will know the real definition of POVERTY. Even their gods are stranded and hungry

singapore007Shut that ur wide mouth joor?

janiliciousyet poor ppl commit suicide on a daily basis

_zugo.oYou can enjoy both if your hands are clean, tho no one is perfect. Living in poverty for 100 years isn’t admirable. Lil Wayne once said he’d wanna live the good luxurious life in order to die a death worth living! Very deep, but the truth! There’s no dignity in poverty.

jay_jumbo101That’s how Sina Peller came the other day with advice about life is not all about Money ?? meanwhile you’re rich and still chopping Quilox money. This people are sha wicked ??

lolade_maryI beg no one better, Good health, sound mind and wealth that is the best and what we are praying for.

mindfreak_hazardLike you know when you would die ? You have not tasted poverty you are talking . People can be so poor death is better. Imagine being poor and sick and hungry all at the same time . I rather die rich than broke man

magnifico001All this pple that aff made money be coming here and be yarning dust. Ode Somebody.

cuba_stunnaSee ur mouth, poverty is a disease is better to live a short rich life than to live long in poverty!!

Meanwhile, the celebrity comedian is yet to respond to his critics, but you can sure count on Celeb Police to bring it into your awareness when he eventually responds.




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