Faking It To Look It: Why Flamboyance Battle Will Consume More Celebrities (Must Read)

There is no questioning the fact that many Nigerian celebrities in the entertainment industry have turned the showbiz thing into a real life obsession for all the accessories of wealth and flamboyance. The bigger fish with real talent seem to have raised the bar for the others who equally perceive themselves to be in the same category. These less talented or less branded but big-minded category believe the only way they can convince the general public that they can actually  swim in the same waters with the real talent and juice of the celebrity and entertainment circle is to just try to be or live the same lifestyles as they do. Simple.

The result of that simplistic or foolish belief has been an insane struggle for celebrity spotlight in real life and on social media. These wannabes won’t stop at throwing up stunt after after stunts to remain relevant. They will go to any length to accessorise themselves with the evidence of the good life. Some become high class ‘aristos’ in the process. Others resort to dealing drugs. Some still, like Dammy Krane and Saucekid who have been charged in the US, resort to international dealings in ‘Yahoo Yahoo’, credit card theft schemes and other internet identity scams.

What’s the motivation again? They all just want to be able to ‘ball’ the same way the celebs with real talent do. They want to drive the same cars (the G-Wagons, Range Rovers, Ferraris and what have you), live in the same posh locations, chill at the same clubs and all that. The vainer ones would even want to outspend these real talents. Unfortunately, not all of them get away with their efforts at faking it to look it. They may fool a larger percentage of their social media following, but their act always almost catches up with them. We will not mention names just yet, but for now, by their fruits, you will know them.

It’s Dammy Krane now, soon enough others will fall.




Written by Power Michael

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