Facts File: Dammy Krane and 4 Other Stars Who Tasted The American Apple And Suffered

Dammy Krane and the others

Dammy Krane’s story is the sad but viral juice on social media at the moment. Already arrested and held in an jail for grand theft and credit card fraud in America, Dammy Krane who many know as some upcoming act pushed by 2face Idbia’s Hypertek Music up until late last year, had suddenly fallen from the skies, or better still crashed after developed a sudden acquired taste for private jets and the most flamboyant of American celebrity lifestyles. His is a classic example of what biting the American apple can do to a rising star. Check out the list of other Nigerian stars who careers have experienced a downturn after biting the American apple.

1. Saucekid

Saucekid aka Sinzu was doing well in Nigeria before he decided to relocate back to America. It didn’t take long before the media space got flooded with his mug shots after reports of an arrest on grand theft auto charges surfaced. The Ebariba and Carolina crooner has not recovered from that saga. Man down, in the order of Dammy Krane.

2. Majek Fashek

Some say Majek’s woes are influenced by HT (home trouble). Well, we cannot investigate the spiritual, but we can tell from analysis of different reports that drug use and abuse in the land where such flows like milk and honey was the major culprit in the fall from the rise of the reggae legend. Efforts to restore his glory have been on for some time now, yet the fear of a return to America spoiling progress still remains. No doubt, America has altered his life forever

3. Timaya

Dancehall star, Timaya went for a show in the states that had Akon on the bill and came back with a rape scandal, with alleged victim, Sheila B. threatening fire and brimstone on his then fledgling attempt at international limelight. He managed to come out clean but not after sheepishly admitting to sleeping with the lady and actually begging her not to come out with the rape allegations. He has since been more of a local player since then.

4. D’Banj

Well, there’s no criminal or drugs records to his name, his sojourn in America has, however, had a different impact on his career chart. Of course, this is debatable since the Kokomaster is still somewhat in circulation, but much of that as a business man than a musician. His romance with Kanye West’s Good Music was supposed to usher him into an all-new level of international acclaim, but sadly, as reports have it, it led to a parting of ways with long-time friend and partner, Don Jazzy. Has he recovered from that break up? We leave that for you to answer. There are many thing to blame it on, but America is prime among them all.

Wizkid is not on the list, but the Daddy Yo crooner is currently biting hard at the same American apple with an appreciable level of success so far. How far he will be able to sustain this depends on his ability to learn from the mistake of others.

In the end though, while it is somewhat obvious that the American system has a way of turning stars into something else, especially when you consider the number of their own stars that have had criminal or negative records, the ape culture might actually be the undoing of Nigerian stars looking to make a name for themselves there.




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