Eva Break-Up Fever: Caesar Speaks After Contradicting Video Emerges

New scoop on Celeb Police radar indicate that Caesar, now erstwhile fiancé of rapper and professional makeup artist, Eva, has come out to debunk a misleading video shared by entertainment TV channel, HipTV, showing that he was still together with the rapper. According to the actor, there is no truth to the buzz.

Caesar who says he is constrained to come out to debunk the video via his gram, explained that the video was actually made on the night before the break up was announced. He said the confusion is caused by HipTV’s late release of the footage. Hear him:

“I didn’t want to say anything…but seeing that this is misleading people I wanna set it straight. THIS INTERVIEW WAS DURING GOALFEST A DAY BEFORE THE BREAK UP.unfortunately …hiptv released this late hence misleading lots of people. Some people think I’m lying here and living in denial, others are already taking sides, believing there was this big fight and someone did something wrong…what if two adults just decided to move on?. I learned something a long time ago.. we don’t see situations the way they are..we see situations the way WE are…a negative minded man will see negativity in any situation no matter how clear it is. Those who are able to rid their minds of negativity stand taller than most. More Grace.”

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Philosophical at some point of the explanation right? But he all but put a nail on the breakup reports, the announcement of which was spiced up with such dose of poetry that it sounded more make-believe than real. But this here says its officially over. The man wants everyone to respect that. Maybe everyone should. What do you think?




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