Embarrassing! How Genevieve Nnaji’s Fiance, Ugo Udezue Allegedly Cancelled Secret Milan Wedding (Photos)

genevieve nnaji wedding guests
With wedding guests

By Daniel Fayemi

Reports have it that Nollywood star, Genevieve Nnaji was recently left utterly disgraced after her NBA Agent Fiance, Ugo Udezue called off their secret Milan wedding two weeks ago at the last minute.

The super-rich agent was said to have had last minute doubts over the wedding due to Genevieve’s insistence on keeping the wedding totally secret. Another issue that doomed the wedding was the groom’s father’s refusal to bless or support the union according to reports not independently verified by Celeb Police.

Ugo reportedly couldn’t understand why anybody would not wamnt her family to be involved in her wedding when it was supposed to be one of the most important events in a person’s life.

Genevieve, who was said to have traveled to Milan without her family only went with her best friend Oluchi Orlandi and few others, was left embarrassed when Ugo called off the wedding and left Milan for Amsterdam without the actress.

Ugo Udezue
Ugo Udeuze

Mr Udezue, the founder of African Basketball League, is one of the most popular Nigerian NBA agents in the United States.

While it is not yet certain if the relationship is still on or not, Genevieve is currently in Canada where she is attending the TIFF with other major actors and producers.

Celeb Police Will Investigate The Matter Further





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