Did Lil Wayne Attempt Suicide?

After suffering multiple epileptic seizures, emerging speculation has it that Lil Wayne attempted to take his own life.

Recalled that the Wayne was hospitalised after being found unconscious in his Westin Hotel room.

A few years ago, it was widely reported that Wayne was near death after suffering a round of grand mal seizures.

The American pop star, however, pulled through but his close associates were reportedly concerned that his lifestyle would lead to further medical issues.

Wayne’s lifestyle is one known to everyone, as he’s not shy to share on social media his recreational drug use.

There’s one substance, specifically, that has provoked feelings of trepidation from which the 34-year-old rapper may never recuperate.

Wayne is a fanatic of sizzurp, or “lean” as it’s occasionally known, an intense blend made with a codeine-based cough syrup that is prominent in light of the southern hip jump scene.

He apparently took some time off from the drug after his 2013 frighten, however, speculations have it that nowadays Wayne is by and by exploring lean with merriment.

Meanwhile, MTO in a report learnt that ‘a popular hip hop star attempted suicide’.

Read MTO’s Report Below:

“[Popular hip hop star] allegedly tried to kill himself. [He was hospitalized] due to an overdose. He drinks like there’s no tomorrow and his diet is god awful.

He will be lucky if he lives another year with his lifestyle.

He is super depressed and doesn’t feel like he has anything to live for. He isn’t even rotating thots the way he used to, he is super out of it.Word is that he recently took a bottle of Adderall – and hoped to end it all. We’re praying for the

Word is that he recently took a bottle of Adderall – and hoped to end it all. We’re praying for the homie…”

The above report is however not directed at the singer, but speculations have it that it might be him considering his history.




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