Why Chidinma, Other Female Artistes May Be Struggling Under Record Labels

Record Labels

Record Labels engage in a wide range of functions in the music industry, from recruiting new artistes, music publishing, copyright enforcement to marketing. Record Labels also set the terms and conditions of their artiste’s contracts.

With the relevance of Record Labels in the Nigerian music industry, one would expect that artistes should freely thrive in their music career. As opposed their male counterparts that might not be the case, as the male artistes are arguably more consistent. A deep look into the Nigerian music industry has revealed why most female artistes may be struggling to remain relevant under their record labels.

Chidinma, the ‘Kedike crooner’ who used to be the sensation of the music industry and known for her perfect content delivery has suddenly become somewhat unrecognizable and inconsistent. Ever since she got signed unto her own 40FIED Record label, her success story has changed. Several other female artistes such as; Sasha P, Kween, Yinka Davies, and Weird MC just to mention a few who were one-time sensations of the Nigerian music industry for the female category have become a track that has faded away.

The last time Chidinma released a single was with CapitalHills Records. The best we’ve got from her since then are collaborations with other artistes. We are still in the dark as to why we have not heard any single from the owner of 40FIED Records founded less than a year ago. There are several other talented female artistes too like Cynthia Morgan,Niyiola,Temmy Ovwhasa etc who have been signed unto different record labels but seems to have been side-lined all of a sudden. Why is this happening to females under record labels?

Here are some reasons why Celeb Police thinks female artistes may be struggling to remain relevant under the record labels they are signed unto;

  1. Women Are Expensive To Maintain

One of the concerns for most record labels is that ladies are expensive to maintain. Ladies can  spend so much on their hairdo, makeup, jewellries, shoes,  bags, wardrobe, and everything that  makes them appealing to the crowd. A male artist on the other hand, may spend less on his  appearance.

  1. Marriage

This is a major concern for record labels, because there are more responsibilities assigned to a lady after marriage. She has her home to cater for, her kids and her husband. For most record labels they believe that a lady who gets married before getting to the peak of her career may find it difficult to pick up the pace, especially if she’s married to a man who doesn’t fully support her career. There are other men who might have been very supportive before but suddenly realize the need for her to pay more attention to their home. Tiwa SavageD’ija and Omawunmi are just a few female artistes who might be considered somewhat consistent even after marriage. This may also be a cause of concern too for some these singers as Omawunmi in a recent interview, urged record labels to encourage female artistes who are good by signing them and also to invest in them as they will bring good returns back to the label. She kicked against discriminating female artistes who are married.

  1. The Nigerian Culturealso has a strong hold on the female artistes because there are a lot of things the female artistes will do and they will be condemned for but the male artist may get away with freely. For instance, the Nigerian culture may put pressure on the female artiste to settle down and have a decent home when she attains a particular age and stage, but the male counterparts may decide to take more time to get settled in a serious relationship or marriage with the claim of trying to make more money.
  2. High Level Of Competition Among Female And Male Artistes

The Nigeria music industry no doubt is a place where there is keen competition. It is the most creative, consistent and talented that can stay relevant and on top of the game for a long time. There’s so little a record label can do for an artist if they are not creative with their lyrics, and do not have the right contents for the right audience.

These are some of the reasons we think make female artistes struggle under record labels, while their male counterparts are shining unlimitedly. No wonder it seems like, Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade are the only female artistes in Nigeria who are seemingly ahead of their games among several other female artistes. To stay ahead of your counterparts in any sphere of life, consistency, creativity is key. You also need to understand what your audience crave for. Being a lady is not and should never be a disadvantage. Be the best you can be!





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