Caught: How Korede Bello Stole From American Rapper, Lupe Fiasco (files)

MAVIN Records ladies man, Korede Bello deserves much of the fan love and hype he gets. What he might not enjoy right now is the fact that our radar have picked up a copycat case that smacks more of plagiarism than merely borrowing a leaf. The meat of the case is the undiluted copying of the concept for the artwork of his latest hit song, Do Like That from American rapper/producer, Lupe Fiasco’s song, Next To It, which was released way back in 2014, two years before Korede hit the studio for his song.


Too easy. According to one twitter user, DUDE @JudeDahDude who shared his view on the development, “Its really shameful and disheartening that our so called artistes and graphic designers can’t show originality in concept and content.” He was obviously speaking from a professional angle. But for what it’s worth, he does have a point. ‘Copycatism’ or plagiarism is the death of our creativity these days. While questions over lyrical depth and content are remain, concerns over originality have also increased, with many concerned about the future of the industry if things continue like this.

Korede’s saving grace may just be the geographical distance between Nigeria and America. No way he would get away with this if he were to be in America, especially when you consider the fact that he has a slightly bigger social media following than Lupe Fiasco at the moment, that is twitter and instagram combined. Lupe’s management would file for infringement immediately. They would argue that even though Lupe is a bigger American star, Korede must have profited from using his creativity to build his profile. Trust America and their tight copyright laws. Even if Korede deflects it on his graphics team, he would still end up taking vicarious liability for the artwork. Legal things.

So, before someone else does something that will cause more embarrassment to brand Nigeria, what would you have Celeb Police do in this very obvious case of direct copy-copy?




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