DETAILED REVIEW: Harrysong’s Twin Identity A Misconception Or Prank?


Harrysong had joyfully announced his new status as a ‘father’ earlier in the week. Although, reports gathered that the birth of his twin babies came ealier in Beverly Hills, Carlifonia in May 26, 2017 by his Abuja-based babymama.

Celeb Police gathers that some very inquisitive fans of the singer took to the Instagram page that was opened for the babies by thier father with thier names Perez and Tarela to check for thier photos, but to thier amazing surprise, pictures of ‘White babies’ was what popped up rather than black babies as it should be and of course Harrysong never announced to his fans that his babies mama was white. The babies pictures were traced to a neonatal site and the singer has left his fans wondering and dumbfounded about what type of lives these celebrities live.

Harrysong has come under serious attack from his fans and they have expressed thier utmost disappointment in thier post concerning his action.


However an agent of Celeb Police will be assigned to this case for proper investigation to know whether Harrysong’s act means he isn’t truly proud of his babies, a case of child theft, like some of his fans are saying, or could this be a case of just stolen image to hide the true identity of his babies like his colleagues are known for?.





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