Pastor Blasts Daddyfreeze Over #FreeTheSheepleMovement


No doubt, the Daddyfreeze movement is raising a lot of eyebrows. Some religious groups and pastors seem to be getting a different vibe from this cause. Reverend Taiye Adeola of the Emmanuel Baptist Church Ilorin aired his view about the movement when asked about his thoughts concerning this. This was what he had to say;

”I am of the opinion that it is wrong to say that pastors are enslaving Christians. Of a truth, there are people who exploit, but it is not right to say ‘pastors’. Another angle to it is that there are pastors who exploit, it is not good and also not biblical for pastors to exploit or enslave anybody”.

Daddyfreeze who claims to take it upon himself to free people from mental slavery, a movement he has created, will one way or the other generate a crisis  because he will attract people to himself. I believe that no true Christian can be enslaved.”

“People who end up in the hands of these pastors who maneuever, who tell a lie in the name of Christianity to rob people, are people who are not grounded. If you are a true Christian, you should be sensitive in the spirit to know when somebody is trying to exploit you or exploit your situation. No christian should be held captive”.

”Pastors are not exploiters. There are genuine pastors who preach sound biblical doctrines, who teach members of the church to do what is godly and what is right. There are people who also run around, not satisfied with sound doctrines, and certainly they will fall into the hands of false prophets”.

”About the movement, one would raise the question, is this movement a church or an opposition against the church? I think what we need is not a movement, what we need is sound biblical doctrines for people to know what is right for them. False prophets only exploit people’s desires for miracles and quick intervention. People who cannot take their time to wait upon God and seek the face of God”. How does this movement intend to go about its activity? Is it to teach the gospel, sound biblical doctrines or is it to come in opposition against pastors and against churches?”.

”I think if the intention of the movement is to teach sound biblical doctrines then it will be productive. But if it is to stand as an opposition against pastors, and instigate people against pastors and the churches, then it will be counterproductive.”




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