Bobriski Vs Speed Darlington: Ladies, Who Would Be Your Man Crush Monday?

Of course one man’s poison is another man’s best meal. And indisputably, celebrities have a lot of people who dream to be with them and if possible explore with them.

Celeb Police learnt that Bobriski and Speed Darlington are some of the selected celebrities who are gaining a lot of attention from people, ladies specifically.

Bobrisky, by virtue of his character introduced into the Nigerian society a set of ethics and morals which are not aligned with the societal norms. Thus, he has been received with mixed feelings as he has a fair amount of fans and critics alike.

While Speed Darlington on the hand is a self acclaimed rapper, who has gained momentum as a result of controversies.

Darlington since award-winning American rapper, Diddy took to his Instagram to share a video of the rapper, has had a fair number of fans and critics alike as well.

Recalling that the duo, who are Nigeria’s most dramatic online personalities recently clashed.

Dalington blasted Bobrisky for declaring himself prettier than 70% of Nigerian woman and the crossdresser fought seriously in return.

Bobriski posted on his page, “I’m prettier than 70% women in Nigeria. So pls stop hating. Come and learn from Bobrisky. Did I hear some you you saying I don’t have puss* and breas*. Oh sorry what has your b and p given you. iPhone 6 and 100k.”

In response, Darlington commented, “I just started following @BobRisky222 less than 24 hours now. And I’m already thinking of unfollowing her. I mean HIM. Why? Because he said his more beautiful than 70% of ALL Nigerian women? Nahhhhhh! Totally disagree.”

However, today is Monday and it would be nice to hear from you as a lady, who would be your Man Crush Monday (MCM)?

Who knows… your comment might win you a chance of meeting your crush.




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