Beef Alert: Did 9ice Really Promote Fraud In His Video? Or Falz Just Assumed So?


Following Falz’s recent interview, he called out his colleagues who glorify fraudulent activities with their song, paying particular attention to 9ice’s single, ”Living Things”  for promoting ‘Yahoo boys’ activities in his music video.

According to Falz, these artistes endanger the lives of the youths through thier song when they do this and he cited some verses from 9ice’s song, saying:

   “You Are An Entertainer, In A Position As A Role Model To Younger Ones Coming Up And In Your Musical Record You Are Greeting All The Yahoo Boys, You Are Greeting All The  Fraudsters , Calling Their Name Personally, Hailing Them, Wire Wire Mo Fe Cha Che, All This Culture You Are Making The Young Ones Think It’s Cool To Do It, It’s Not, You Are Destroying Our Future. As An Entertainer Sing About Something That Can Help Our Life, Paint Picture,Tell A Story, Don’t Glorify Fraudulent Behaviour It’s Not Good.”

Falz’s argument was that as entertainers, they are role models to the young and up-coming ones, expecting them live up to that standard rather than promote fraudsters and yahoo boys.

He frowned at the fact that 9ice called out their names personally, hailing them. According to Falz these young guys will eventually think this way of life is right and okay. Falz asked that as an entertainer, they should help sing songs that can help lives, paint a picture, tell a story and motivate younger ones.

However 9ice has responded to the ”Bahd guy crooner”, holding his claims that he never promoted such acts, according to him, his song simply served as an encouragement to people with different works of life urging him to pay close attention to the lyrics and assume the realm that he (9ice) is in to understand the song.

Although the case which is currently trending is already causing a rave on the social media platforms of both artiste and Falz is under serious fire from the yahoo boys he condemned while most of them accused his father as being a custodian of the fraudulent activities. Further investigations will be carried out by the agents of the celeb police to properly look into the lives of both artiste to be sure that this is not a case of beef but of good intentions from both parties.

Until further information on the case is revealed, Celeb Police has already gotten a case file on this.





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