Akpororo’s Reaction To Claims His Wife Was A S3x Slave Will Put You To Shock

Nothing can best describe Nigerian comedian, Akporo than to say he’s someone who cares free on what people say regarding his life.

Yung6ix on the other side is someone who doesn’t take a joke, and his reaction to Akpororo’s joke can attest to that.

Recalled that Akpororo during his stage performance of recent sparked outrage after throwing a shade at the singer.

The popular comedian, however, established curiousity among entertainment enthusiasts after acknowledging the fact that Yung6ix have no popular song to Nigerians, unlike other artistes.

Yung6ix had earlier taken to his Snapchat account to share with his followers how fulfilling he’s having fun.

If the receipt he shared online is anything to go by, the singer spent N3.9 million on drinks at Quilox nightclub in Lagos.

At Ajebo Unleashed 2017, Akpororo called the singer out over the money spent on ‘drinks of accomplishment’, saying he could have leveraged his music career with the money.

Instead of drinking lavishly, Akpororo expressed his concern saying, he would have done better for himself had it been used the money N3.9 million to purchase a hit single.

Akpororo’s words, “Yung6ix or what do you call him, the boy said he bought drinks with N3.9 million. So I started asking, Yung6ix or I don’t know him again? … He could have used the money to purchase a hit track.”

Reacting to the comedian’s joke, one of Yung6ix’s team members simply identified as Baddest DJ Timmy, slammed the comedian.

With alleged proof, Baddest DJ Timmy claims PD of Explicit Dancers held Akpororo’s wife as a sex slave for years while at Lead City University.

The DJ posted on Instagram, “Nobody is scared of you on this side. You are a loser and a never do well. Your jokes will put you in trouble and will make you get shot. Watch your mouth and things you say about the king of the south (referring to Yung6ix).

“PD of explicit dancers held your wife as a sex slave for over 4 years in Leadcity University and sold her to you and you have the guts to make jokes about Swaggalomo. The voice notes, pictures are all ready. You stay in Okoko, I am in Agbara, put some respect on that name.”

Reacting to claims that his wife was a sex slave and that she had five abortions before they got married, Akpororo appeared not taking the statement as serious as everyone took it and he would just let it slide.

“No reaction,” he said. When asked if he is taking any legal action against DJ Timmy, the comedian replied “No need”

If he’s going to take a legal action on the issue, Akpororo said, “No need. Don’t worry, they are just joking. No need.”




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