‘Afise’: What You Shoud Know About The Possible Spiritual Plague Drowning Egbegbe

That film maker and marketer, Seun Egbegbe is enmeshed in some deep mess at the moment is obvious to all. In fact many have drawn the conclusion that the ex-lover of Toyin Abraham is probably under some kind of curse or spell. Makes sense. Or how else would one explain the case of a man who seems to be doing well in his line of business (Ebony Films Productions) which gives him access to all the perks of celebrity life, yet gets serially involved in street con jobs of the lowest and debasing levels? It certainly has to be more than the money.

Seun Egbegbe’s depressing story defies logic. How can someone who is still battling to clear his name from the notorious Computer Village iPhones theft saga, with a court case to answer in the next couple of days, get himself involved in another stealing scandal of even greater proportion? Not normal. Mind you, this same Egbegbe was also reported to have in times past been involved in a similar con job where he was reported to have scammed a business man the sum of $3,000 in Ibadan by impersonating a GoTV dealer. According to that report, when karma caught up with him, it was Toyin Abraham who saved his day and paid to hush the whole affair. You wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to have anything to do with him or even going as far as changing her name to erase the downgrading memory such an experience carries.

In a bid to find meaning to the Egbegbe condition, especially in the light of its abnormality, Celeb Police went to town to trace the root cause. What we found is a dark spell or curse called Afishe. When placed on someone, it produces an uncontrollable urge to do what a person wouldn’t do in his right senses. It becomes more potent when placed on someone for being guilty of the same deed that the spell is meant to escalate. Terrible science. According to local sources which prefer to be anonymous, there’s a high possibility that someone from the film maker’s social circles, possibly a woman, must have placed the curse on him. Plausible? But that far is how our investigations can go on that front, until of course the time comes when investigative forensics can penetrate the spiritual and other dark matter.

If the afishe explanation is something to consider, then you’ll agree that Seun Egbegbe needs pity more than the fiery and harsh judgment his senseless involvement in stealing deserves. Maybe more than pity, he needs deliverance and prayers to break from the dark compulsive force that keeps pushing him to steal without considering the shame and consequences. This is the test of true love and friendship from those close to him. Now that he is a pariah, reaching out to help him can make the difference in the life of the man whose real profession creates employment and adds entertainment flavour to many screens, particularly in the western part of Nigeria. Did Celeb Police just make a case for the notorious Egbegbe? Well, nothing wrong in flipping the coin. Plus, his last post on Instagram, same day as the latest scandal that has engulfed him blew shows there’s a double personality here.




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